About Jeny Paik

Jeny is a certified trainer living and working in Maryland. She made a bold career move in the year of 2018 after 14 years as an Ophthalmic Photographer. Her true passion and joy is in animal behavior and helping pet parents develop happy and healthy relationships with their dogs that will last a lifetime. Jeny earned the Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) credential from the CCPDT. Jeny shares her heart and home with her Shih Tzu, Dalleh, Maltese, Dooley, and her rescued Chihuahua Terrier mix, Rocko.

How to Socialize an Adult Dog

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Are you worried your dog may have missed out on proper socialization? For example, your dog may have had medical issues that prevented them from socializing, or perhaps you [...]