New Year's Eve with Your DogFireworks, Sparklers, glitters, sequins, noisemakers, champagne toasting, music, and dancing are involved in New Year’s Eve parties. It can be a joyous night for people but not so much for some dogs! If your dog does not react well to the Fourth of July, they will find New Year’s Eve to be just as stressful due to all the loud noises. Just like on the Fourth of July or in thunderstorms, dogs can become highly alarmed by fireworks, music, and celebration on New Year’s Eve. No need to fret! Here are a few ways to spend New Year’s Eve with your dog and keep them calm and safe.

Desensitize to Loud Music 

Fireworks, explosions, noisemakers, and loud music during New Year’s Eve parties can make anyone feel a bit jumpy and startled. But some dogs can become extremely scared, alarmed, and at times reactive. You can train your dog by desensitizing to help them get used to loud noises. You can play animal desensitization audio recordings from YouTube or Spotify. It allows dogs to become less reactive to noises such as fireworks, thunder, crying babies, and barking dogs. Start by playing the audio recordings on a low volume and slowly increase the volume over time to help your dog get familiar with the sounds and noises.  


To have a calm New Year’s Eve with your dog, give them a safe, quiet place to escape, such as a bedroom or a different room where they can be placed onto their bed, cozy crate, or kennel. For crate-trained dogs, it provides a sense of security. Let them rest and hide in their kennel for the night and cover it with a blanket or with a towel for extra protection.  

When creating a comfortable and safe space for your dog, it’s essential to ensure that the area is well-ventilated and has access to water. It’s also important to make sure that the area is not too small or cramped, as this can increase their stress levels. Crate or kennel can be an excellent option for them to feel secure and safe. However, if your dog has never been in a crate or kennel before, it’s best to introduce them to it a few days before the event. This way, they can get used to it and feel comfortable and safe when placed in it during the celebration. Additionally, you can add some of their favorite blankets or toys to the area to make it feel more familiar and homey to them.

Soothing Music 

Turning on some soothing music such as classical music for your dog to listen to will provide them with comfort and peace. Turning on the TV or radio can also help muffle the noisy sounds.  


New Year's Eve with Your DogEarlier in the day, take some time to take your dog out for a long walk, doggy playtime, or daycare. Engage in bonding activities, or even do some training sessions together! Exercising your dog before the event will get your dog mentally and physically tired which will help when the parties and festivities are going on. Also, if your dog has less energy, the less they’ll be prone to panic and stress out during the fireworks. It will make it easier to have a peaceful New Year’s Eve with your dog. 

 Anti-anxiety Methods 

There are plenty of other options to help anxious dogs, such as anti-anxiety products: 

  • Thundershirt 

Like swaddling an infant, the Thundershirt, a snuggly fitted shirt, and patented design apply gentle, constant, comfortable pressure to calm all types of anxiety, fear, and over-excitement issues. In addition, many dogs are significantly calmed by the hugging, supportive sensation.  

  • Calming Pheromones  

Dog appeasing pheromones (DAP) keep dogs calm under stressful situations. It comes in easy-to-use solutions, including a spray, plug-in diffuser, or wearable collar. They are convenient to use, refillable, effective, and affordable.  

  • Anti-anxiety Medications 

Discuss prescription anti-anxiety medications or herbal supplements with your veterinarian. It is recommended to try the medications or supplements before the day of the big event so you can know how your dog will react.  

While anti-anxiety products can be helpful in calming your dog during the celebration, it’s important to note that they are not a cure-all solution. It’s essential to use these products in combination with other methods, such as desensitization training, confinement, and exercise. Additionally, it’s important to consult with your veterinarian before using any anti-anxiety products, as some may have side effects or interact with other medications your dog may be taking. It’s also important to keep in mind that not all dogs may respond to these products, and some may require more severe treatment options, such as prescription medication or behavioral therapy. Lastly, it’s important to note that anti-anxiety products should not be used as a long-term solution and should only be used during the celebration to help calm your dog during this stressful time.

Toys and Treats 

Try to find out your dog’s favorite toys or high-value treats and have them ready to be used as a distraction and to keep them busy. You can provide them with exciting toys, puzzles, bones, and treats from the list of Christmas gift ideas for your dog.  

Food and Water 

Make sure to provide your dog with food and plenty of water, so they are fed and hydrated. It is vital to make sure they have plenty of water, mainly if they will be confined in another room.  

Travel to a Quieter Place 

New Year's Eve with Your DogSuppose you know that none of these tips will help your dog’s severe anxiety. In that case, you might want to consider leaving your neighborhood for the evening and travel to someplace quieter. If you have family or friends that live in a more relaxing area, it may be something to consider. Another option is to search for dog-friendly hotels where you and your pup can rest comfortably and noise-free.  

Tag your Dog  

Fireworks, celebrations, and loud events can scare your dog, leading them to want to dart out any open door. It is essential to make sure your dog is wearing a collar with an ID tag that has your contact information listed in case of emergencies. It is recommended to speak with your veterinarian about microchipping your dog if they haven’t already been microchipped. Veterinarians will encourage dogs to get microchipped just in case the collar falls or if they slip out of it. Be sure to register your dog’s microchip and keep your information up-to-date on the website.  

Keep your Dog away from Dangerous Substances

Keep in mind that there may be many substances around that are toxic to your dog on this day. Don’t forget to protect your dog from these poisonous substances: 

  • Fireworks and sparklers 
  • New Year’s decorations  
  • Alcohol  
  • Cigarettes  
  • Chemicals 
  • Toxic houseplants 
  • Chocolate 
  • Snacks 
  • Meat with bones 

Ring in the New Year

New Year's Eve with Your DogAs you make plans for New Year’s Eve with your dog, it is crucial to choose the best method to keep your dog calm and safe. Before December 31st rolls around, provide your dog with consistent training and guidance throughout the year to help your dog’s anxiety levels to a minimum. Now that you know what will keep your dog calm and safe, you and your pup can put your party hats on and get ready to happily countdown to the New Year!

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