thanksgiving food for dogs

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Sometimes overeating is a great pleasure in life. Especially for such special occasions like Thanksgiving. Juicy Turkey, cheese grits, and corn pudding make me hungry already. But who is there under the table? Sad hungry eyes, following every bite you take. Well, it is Thanksgiving, I share dinner with my dog… Is Thanksgiving food good for dogs?

Harmful food from the Thanksgiving table

“Every Holiday, we see an increase of patients suffering from digestive problems or intoxications,” – says R. G. Ziemiene, veterinary doctor and co-founder of Dogo. “Giving your dog an extra portion for holidays will do no harm but there are certain ingredients that you should avoid”.

Turkey bones

There is quite a lot of leftover, that nobody except your dog craves – bones. However, turkey bones break into sharp splitters and when swollen can cause intestinal discomfort, obstruction or even worse tears in the digestive system. If you want to share your festive meal with your dog, offer him some lean turkey breast.

If you still want to give your dog a little treat, make sure that the turkey meat is well cooked and boneless. Raw or undercooked meat can cause bacterial infections and may lead to severe health issues. Moreover, you can also consider giving them some fresh fruits like apples and bananas, which are safe for dogs and also make for a delicious snack. However, always remember to remove the seeds and the skin before serving them to your furry friend as some fruits may contain harmful toxins.

Poultry skin and grease

Due to very high-fat content, larger amounts of skin and grease can cause acute pancreas inflammation, which is usually an emergency condition that requires support from your veterinary doctor.

Onions and Garlic

thanksgiving food for dogs

The typical green bean casserole, gravy, and stuffing that contain onions and garlic should not be given to dogs and cats. The dishes not only can cause a stomach upset but larger amounts of it can damage the red blood cells and the damage may be non-reversal, requiring a blood transfusion.

As a responsible pet owner, it is crucial to keep an eye on your dog’s food intake, especially during the holiday season. Experts suggest that it is better to provide dogs with a balanced meal that includes all the essential nutrients. You can choose to feed your furry friend with lean turkey meat, green beans, sweet potatoes, and carrots. These food items are safe for dogs and are also packed with essential vitamins and minerals that support their overall health. Besides, you can also consider giving them a small portion of plain pumpkin pie, which is rich in fiber and promotes good digestion.

Dogo Team wishes you a cozy and tasty Thanksgiving. Spoil your dog with some plane turkey meat and vegetables on the side, your dog will be as always THANKFUL.


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