Having a good behaving dog is every dog parent’s dream. Who wouldn’t like to enjoy having an adorable fluffy friend who listens to commands, doesn’t bark or jump on you? If your dog causes you similar troubles, you have probably considered professional dog training school or obedience course. Your might have even caught yourself on searching for the best dog behaviorist in your city. Before taking serious measures, we recommend you to try out a simpler solution – Dogo Basic Obedience Program.

During this training course, you will teach your dog how to focus on you and listen for further cues, using positive reinforcement. The skills learned in this program are essential for a good behaving dog and are building blocks for other Dogo programs. During our Basic Obedience course, your dog will learn 25 new skills in only 3 weeks. 

basic obedience program

basic obedience program

Dogo Basic Obedience Program is not only a simpler but also a cost-effective solution to your dog’s behavioural problems. Unlike professional dog training schools or hiring a dog behaviourist, Dogo Basic Obedience Program is designed to cater to the needs of dog owners who want to train their dogs without spending too much money. You can save a significant amount of money by opting for Dogo Basic Obedience Program and still get the results you desire. Additionally, the program is flexible enough to fit into your busy schedule so you can train your dog at a time that is most convenient for you.

Week 1:

You will begin the training by introducing a clicker to your dog. It is a sound marker for your dog that the behaviour they just performed is rewarded by the treat that they receive immediately after. Your dog has to develop a reflex: click signal = treat so they will be eager to listen to your commands in order to deserve more treats. After mastering it, your dog will learn basic obedience tricks such as Name, Sit, Down and Put on a leash. Additionally, you will try hand feeding your dog so they will make an association that good things come from you.

The clicker training method used in Dogo Basic Obedience Program has proven to be very effective. It not only teaches your dog obedience but also improves their cognitive skills. As your dog learns to associate the click sound with a reward, they become more attentive and focused on your commands. What’s more, hand feeding your dog is an essential technique that builds trust and encourages good behavior. By feeding your dog treats directly from your hand, you establish a closer bond with them. They learn to trust you more and are more likely to obey your commands.

Week 2:

basic obedience program This week you will work on your dog’s trust and focus. They will learn how to politely walk on the leash without pulling. As a result, they will be able to nicely walk on a loose leash. What’s more, you will practice Come and Take it commands to build your mutual trust and strengthen your friendship. Additionally, you will repeat the exercises on different surfaces and surroundings – in another room, on grass or asphall. So whenever asked to perform a command, your dog won’t be bothered by unknown distractions.

You will also learn how to use positive reinforcement to reward your dog for good behaviour. In addition to practicing Come and Take it commands, you will also learn how to teach your dog to wait at the door before entering or exiting. This skill can come in handy when you want to prevent your dog from running out of the door or jumping on guests.

Week 3:

During the last week of your basic obedience training you will teach your furry friend even more useful skills: how to go to their bed (Place) and how to walk by your leg (Heel). In addition, you will practice advanced versions of the tricks you have learned during the program in order to master the basics and be sure that your dog is capable of performing the commands in any circumstances. Therefore, as a final test, you will be asked to do the training in a dog park   – the most distracting place for a dog to be!

Become your dog’s personal trainer!

basic obedience program Dogo Basic Obedience Program consists of training sessions, daily-life tasks as well as tips on how to train your dog in a stress-free approach. Therefore, not only will your dog learn many new skills but also you will gain lots of valuable knowledge about positive dog training.

Ready to become your dog’s personal trainer? Let’s get to work! We are sure that soon you will become a proud pawrent of a very good boy or girl.

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