clicker There is a built-in clicker in the Dogo App. A clicker is a sound signal to mark a behaviour and precise moment for which the dog is rewarded. Science has proven that a praise or a treat has to be given within 0.8 seconds after the correct behaviour. If you choose not to use a clicker and instead use a food reward, you are unlikely to always deliver the treat in less than a second and the dog will refocus its attention on you and the treat and not on the behaviour it was performing. Additionally, food rewards may not always be feasible, especially in situations where your dog is not hungry or if you are training in a public place where food is not allowed. Thus, using a clicker can be a great alternative, as it allows you to mark the desired behavior without relying on food rewards. 

In addition to helping with marking a behavior, the clicker also helps establish a communication channel between you and your dog. By using consistent clicks, your dog can quickly learn to associate the sound with positive reinforcement, which can make training more effective and efficient. Furthermore, using a clicker can help your dog learn to differentiate between different commands and actions, leading to a more well-trained and obedient dog. 

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A clicker reduces training time by about 40%. You could use instead only a verbal command like “Good”, “Yes”, but a clicker sound has the advantage that the sound it emits is specific and will be most likely heard only during the training, it adds a dimension of clarity and precision of marking a moment the dog behaves as wanted.

Overall, using a clicker can be a powerful tool when training your dog. By establishing a clear and consistent communication channel with your dog, you can help them learn faster and more effectively. Additionally, using a clicker can help you save time and effort while still achieving great results.

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