stay active training program It is not a secret that dogs, like us humans, need regular physical exercise in order to maintain good health. Most dogs, especially young dogs or puppies, are constantly full of energy and love moving and running freely. They enjoy agility exercises so much because it gives them the possibility to release their energy excitingly. Enroll in this 2-weeks long Dogo Stay Active Training Program and teach your dog 12 new skills.

Training dynamic movements with your dog brings so many benefits. It not only helps stretching your dog’s muscles and strengthening their core but it also improves your communication and helps to build a strong healthy friendship between you two. 

The program also has several mental health benefits. Engaging in regular exercise has been shown to reduce anxiety and stress levels in both humans and dogs. By participating in this program, your dog will become more mentally stimulated and less prone to destructive behavior caused by boredom. The program also provides a great opportunity for socialization, as you will have the chance to meet other dog owners and their pets. Overall, the program is a great way to improve your dog’s physical and mental health while also having fun.

To keep the training smooth and fun, it is recommended that your dog is familiar with basic obedience commands. New to dog training? Start with Dogo Basic Obedience Program. Otherwise, let’s get to work!

stay active program

stay active programWeek 1:

The first week of Dogo Stay Active Program is all about stretching your dog’s side muscles. You will teach your furry friend tricks such as Spin and Twirl. Walking in a circle will help to extend their side body to its full length to give it a nice healthy stretch on the sides. Your dog will also learn how to do a Weave and Jump Over to release any possible tension in their side body muscles. Dogo will teach you how to relax your dog as well. Many high energy dogs need to be taught to relax. Otherwise, it can be very frustrating to have a dog who is constantly whining or patting you for attention and play. 

Week 2:

These 7 days of the Stay Active Program were designed with the view of building your dog’s core muscles. You will practice Stand, Push-ups and Back tricks to provide a healthy daily dose of warm-up exercises, perfect to do before an active walk. You will also train Crawl trick to stretch the muscles from front paws to hind paws. Your dog doesn’t use them too often but they are equally important for general health as any others. Later on, you learn how to do a pretty impressive trick – Dog Catch to additionally work on your mutual trust.

Repetition is the key

stay active training program During the Dogo Stay Active Program there is time dedicated for repetitions and training in different surroundings to challenge your dog’s focusing skill even more. Dogo will also provide you with training tips for most commonly asked questions or training issues to make the learning process as easy as possible for both of you.

One effective way to keep the training sessions fun and engaging is to incorporate interactive toys and games. Interactive toys such as puzzle feeders and tug toys can help stimulate your dog’s mind and provide a fun way to incorporate exercise into the training sessions. Games such as hide and seek and fetch can also help keep the sessions fun and engaging. Another effective way to keep the training sessions fun is to vary the activities and exercises. By incorporating different types of exercises and activities, you can keep your dog engaged and motivated to learn. Finally, it is important to remember that every dog is different and may require different training techniques and methods. By following tips and incorporating interactive toys and games, you can make the training sessions fun, engaging, and effective.

Remember to keep the training sessions sweet and fun. Praise your dog and give treats for good performance and enjoy your time spent together. Good luck!

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