Why do dogs eat grassYour dog is munching grass and it makes you wonder why the hunter became a gatherer? Well, dogs are actually omnivores with a carnivorous bias, and their plant-based diet includes grass. Let’s find out why your dog has a green tooth. Why do dogs eat grass?

Ticklish Cleansing and Mindfulness Nibbling

They can’t properly digest it, but dogs eat grass for a reason – usually one of these four:

1. Let’s barf!

Dogs eat grass to cleanse their systems: When they feel nauseous or experience other health issues involving their liver or pancreas. The grass tickles their taste buds and mucosa (the membrane that covers the internal organs) and helps them clear the pipes with good barf.

2. Worms warning

If you notice that your dog devours grass and throws up a lot, it could be a sign of worms creeping into their digestion system. However, if you regularly treat your dog for worms, you shouldn’t be worried about that; chances are your dog just has a bad stomach.

3. Grasstress eating

When dogs feel down, they sometimes lay down on the grass and nibble calmly. This soothing activity (some would call it obsessive-compulsive behavior, but no judging here) provides relief from stress, anxiety, or just boredom. Let your dog relax with some green stuff, but make sure they leave room for dessert.

4. High-fiber

Dogs eat grass for the same reason we eat leafy green vegetables: To enrich our diet and satisfy our hunger. If your dog feeds on leafy green grass, they probably try to feel more full and improve their fiber count. If you notice their appetite for these becomes a daily habit, try changing their food.

Is Grass Safe for My Dog?

Why do dogs eat grassGenerally yes, but excessive consumption isn’t a good sign. If your dog often eats grass in large amounts, consult your vet about a new diet and schedule a checkup to be on the safe side.

Apart from that, there’s nothing you need to do. All your dog needs are healthy high-fibered nutrition, good night’s sleep, daytime napping, long walks, fun playtime, and challenging exercises Oh, and a whole lotta love. 😊

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