We are happy to introduce you to another Dogo training plan – Strengthen your Friendship Training Program. If you want to impress your family and friends, learn those fun tricks with your dog. During this program, your dog will master 12 new skills within only 2 weeks. 

We recommend the program to those who completed the Basic Obedience Program. It is important that your dog already knows the basic commands so the training of cute tricks can go smoothly. 

Benefits of training cute skills 

Strengthen your Friendship ProgramYou could ask yourself: Why does my dog need to learn fun tricks at all? First of all, the training process is a great mental workout for your dog. Learning new things stimulates your dog’s brain which simply makes them smarter. A mentally challenging exercise is always a good idea for dogs at any age. It helps puppies discover and explore life as well as it keeps older dogs in a good mental condition for as long as possible. 

Dogs are social animals. They prefer being around people or other pets much more than being alone. When they are being left alone or without any attention for hours, they might develop behavioral issues. Therefore, to prevent boredom or more serious condition, be sure to provide them with a great dose of various playing activities. Here comes Adorable Tricks Program, full of ideas on how to creatively spend time with your pooch! 

Moreover, training your dog with fun tricks also helps in building their confidence. When they learn new tricks and perform them successfully, they feel accomplished and proud of themselves. As a result, their self-esteem and confidence grows.

Last but not least, training funny tricks together significantly improves your relationship. Trust us, it makes your dog so happy to be around you, especially when you give them your full attention. Remember that your attention is also a reward for your dog, sometimes even better than a yummy treat. 

Week 1:

In the first week of the Strengthen your Friendship Program among others, you will teach your dog to give you a left paw, a right paw, and a high-five. You will also train your dog to perform the ‘’Rollover’’ trick. Additionally, you will practice the ‘’Relax’’ trick. It can be helpful especially with high energy dogs who don’t know how to calm down by themselves. Therefore, it is useful to teach them how to do it on command.

Furthermore, the ‘’Relax’’ trick can also be useful in case of emergencies. For instance, if the dog gets injured, the trick can be used to keep them calm while the owner is trying to help them. Moreover, the ‘’Relax’’ trick can also be useful in situations where the dog is feeling anxious or stressed. In such situations, the owner can use the trick to calm them down. Additionally, the ‘’Relax’’ trick can also be used as a cue to signal the end of a play session or any other activity. This helps the dog to understand that it is time to calm down and relax.

Week 2:

Strengthen your Friendship Training ProgramThe second week of the training will challenge your dog’s balance. You will teach them even more impressive tricks, such as ‘’Sit pretty’’ (sitting on back paws), ‘’Footsies’’ (standing with their front paws on your feet and walking slowly together) and ‘’Peekaboo’’ (standing between your legs). In addition, your dog will learn other cute skills: how to show that they are shy, how to bark on command and how to look right and left.

Moreover, the ‘’Peekaboo’’ trick can also be useful in situations where the dog needs to be examined by a vet. If the dog is feeling anxious or scared, the owner can use the trick to calm them down and distract them from the examination. Additionally, the ‘’Peekaboo’’ trick can also be used as a fun game to play with the dog. The owner can hide behind an object and call their dog, and when the dog finds them, they can reward them with treats or playtime. This helps in building the bond between the owner and the dog. Exciting, right? 

Time to get started!

We hope that we convinced you that the Dogo Strengthen your Friendship Training Program is just for you! In the training plan, you will also find tips on how to work on the most difficult tricks and fun facts about positive reinforcement training. There will be time for repetitions as well to be sure that your dog mastered the trick before moving forward. Have fun and feel free to share your dog’s progress via Dogo Instagram or Facebook

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