Dog training based on positive reinforcement is the most popular training method of our times. In other words educating your dog with physical power or dominance is fading away and The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior named dominance-based training as ineffective and possibly dangerous. So what is positive dog training and why it is useful to use with a clicker?

What does positive dog training mean?

Above all positive dog training is based on the idea that if you reward and praise the behavior you want to see, your puppy will be more likely to repeat it. A reward for dog tricks is usually a small piece of food. However, you can also reward with your attention or with a fun activity. In other words be creative!

Probably you will have a long relationship with your furry friend. Rather you want this friendship be build on trust and understanding not fear or dominance. Most of dog bites and aggression stem from anxiety, insecurity and fear. So instead of intimidating and punishing dog, you should work on such situations by desensitiving your dogs behavior, by teaching him to avoid and become non reactive. Whenever your dog is in a fearful situation, try to redirect his/her attention to other activities. Hence you understand you need to help your dog.

Therefore positive dog training doesn’t mean, that you can’t use word “NO”. Of course, not. In this case you should use your firm, loud voice as negative cues ‘No’, ‘Stop’, sharp whistle. So your dog knows that he is misbehaving. For that reason we suggest you to choose a negative cue, that you don’t use in your daily speech. For example word “NO” is not the best cue, as you use it in casual conversations. Choose something short like Pssss, Phu or Ehh, so it would be directed only to your dog. Another negative reinforcement could be your attention or toy withdrawal for a short time. We think you know your dog best.

Dog training with clicker

In the Dogo App we use clicker based positive training. Therefore what is dog training clicker? Basically it is a sound cue to tell your dog “Yes, this is exactly what I want”. You can use dog clicker online App Clicker or buy one in a pet store.

First of all teach your dog to associate the clicker sound with a tasty snack. Clicker works as a reward marker, every time dog hears the sound, good things happen. The clicker sound follows immediately after the wanted behavior. It should be used without a delay. By the way with dog clicker it is much easier to teach dog complex behavior, where exercises have to be broken into smaller steps. Most of exercises in the Dogo app is divided into levels and subdivided into little steps, so your learning process is smooth.

The Dogo app is a great tool to train puppy or educate dog obedience. As you know your dog needs socialization with other animals and people, seems like you and your attention are the best way to do this. Be patient and good luck!

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