positive dog trainingPositive dog training is based on a principle – if you reward and praise a dog for behaviour the dog is more likely to repeat it and offer it to you. A lot of misbehaviour – aggression, biting or barking stems from fear and timidity. So pulling on a collar, and scolding your dog when they bark at a man with a hat because your dog is terrified of those hats, is making things much worse.

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With your impatience and harsh treatment you only confirm, that the dog has to be fearful of hats because whenever your pup sees a hat and tries to warn you, you shout at the dog on pull on a lead causing an unpleasant sensation. Be patient and ignore unwanted behaviour or redirect your dog’s attention to other things like a toy, a treat or change a walking direction.

Do not forget to praise your dog also when they do not react to a passing cyclist or a ball bouncing nearby. Even though you take it for granted that a dog should not run away and catch the ball, it is against your dog’s instincts to stay non-reactive to a fast-moving object.

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