Everybody knows Labrador retriever puppies as sweet, friendly, and social dogs. However, has anybody told you that they are the most destructive dog breed? Their activity level is extreme and if you do not stimulate such dog mentally your home will its toll.

How I imagine it will be

My personal story is that we bought a house with a yard in the

Our couch after Penny destroyed it

suburbs and it was a perfect time to get a dog. As I have two kids, I wanted a friendly dog, who loves children. After researching and finding a trustworthy breeder, Penny a Labrador pup became a part of our family. Idyllic, no? The first week we left to work and school, we came back and found a few shoes covered in drool and teeth marks and a pot of flowers flipped over on the ground. That is ok, accidents happen, I thought. Unfortunately, it was not only a few accidents but constant never-ending destruction of EVERYTHING. I lost my nerve completely as I came home to find our new sofa, shredded to tiny pieces.


Dog school was out of the question, as the nearest one was 40 minutes away, besides we could not really afford to spend a $100 per week for group training. Doing research on my phone, I downloaded a few different apps, that were no big help before I stumbled upon the Dogo App.

Initially, I was skeptical about the Dogo app. As it was new, I did not know anyone who had used it before. But after reading numerous reviews, I decided to give it a try. The app was easy to use and had a variety of training sessions. I was surprised to find that it was tailored to my dog’s breed, age, and size. Moreover, the app had a feature that allowed me to track Penny’s progress, and this motivated me to continue with the training sessions. What’s more, the app also had a helpline that I could use to get advice from professional dog trainers. This was very helpful, especially when I was facing challenges with Penny’s training. 



Dogo app helps you train your dog by creating daily sessions with different commands to teach. During the workout, you teach your dog tricks, with the help of clicker. The training method is based on positive rewards. So you never push or force your dog to do things. The daily sessions are tailored to your dog’s progress. However, the BEST feature is that in order to level up you have to submit a video exam. Every exam is reviewed individually by the dog TRAINER and you receive PERSONAL TIPS on how to improve. I was totally surprised and could not believe it!

Dogo monitors your training process, by individually reviewing video exams. They consulted me on a helpline, provided me with great tips about crate training. The video exams were a game-changer in Penny’s training. I found that submitting the exams helped me to stay accountable and motivated to continue with the training sessions. Knowing that an expert trainer was reviewing the exams and providing personalized feedback really pushed me to do my best. The exams were not overly complicated or stressful, and I found that they actually made the training process more fun and interactive. It was rewarding to see Penny’s progress and to receive positive feedback from the trainer. 

We do two sessions in the morning before leaving Penny alone and in the evening, after a walk. She really calmed down, learned self and impulse control.  Thanks to DOGOPenny has converted from the destructive dog to the loveliest Labrador ever!

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