This article will cover 10 of the most friendly dog breed, perfect for family life. If you are researching dog breeds, you came to the right place. We hope this ranking will help you make the right decision.

1. Golden Retriever

Who doesn’t know this lovely, goofy and smart dog breed? No wonder it is one of the most popular species in the United States. Golden Retrievers are a perfect addition to any family, even with small children. They are hardly bothered by loud, messy kids; on the contrary – the more is happening, the better! It is proven that they get along well with other pets too, such as cats or rabbits. They are faithful family-life pets who thrive on companionship. They love being active, so if you are into sports, your Golden Retriever will be the best fitness buddy you can wish for! Most of all, they will keep you and your whole family entertained with their goofiness and sweetness. 

Golden Retrievers are also great with other pets, making them a perfect addition to multi-pet households. They are known to get along well with cats, rabbits, and other small animals. However, it is important to socialize them properly when introducing them to new pets. Golden Retrievers thrive on companionship, and being around other animals can help keep them mentally stimulated and happy.

Friendly Dog BreedsPROS: extremely friendly, caring, very intelligent, loyal, easy to train (they live to please their humans!), harmless with people, kids, animals, not aggressive. 

CONS: they require a proper amount of daily exercise to keep them in an excellent physical condition (running, swimming, playing fetch); they are considered a large breed; therefore, they can unintentionally knock down a small child or your favorite flower vase. 

2. Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier breed has a lovely nickname, ‘’American Gentleman’’, that beautifully describes their balanced personality. Boston Terriers are indeed known for being gentle, relatively calm, affectionate towards their pawrents, and pleasant to be around. However, they enjoy dog sports. Their small size makes them perfect pets even for a small apartment living. Because of their short coat, they don’t require much care in terms of grooming. If you are looking for a dog breed that is happy running around and playing fetch with you but also spending cozy evenings on your laps watching Netflix, Boston Terrier will be a great choice. 

Friendly Dog BreedsPROS: affectionate, gentle, quiet, smart, prone to training when properly motivated, not aggressive, playful, small-sized.

CONS: can be stubborn and territorial, prone to breathing problems due to a flat nose (they belong to brachycephalic breed family), because of their short coat, they quickly get cold in chilly weather, so they shouldn’t stay outside for too long. 

3. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel’s charming look is a fair representation of their warm-hearted nature. They love cuddles with their humans as well as chasing birds or squirrels in a park. What makes them a great family dog is that a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel enjoys being around the people they know and they are always excited to make new friends. They don’t cope well with being left home alone for long hours so before considering this dog breed, make sure that you are okay with a pup who will develop a deep attachment and affection to you and your family.  

Friendly Dog BreedsPROS: adorable fluffy look, sweet personality, not aggressive, small size, happy to please, eager to learn and train, mostly when offered a tasty piece of food.

CONS: can be too attentive, requires regular grooming because of medium-long fur, can bark but not excessively when appropriately trained. 

4. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Pembroke Welsh Corgi certainly gained popularity over the last decade. Their fluffy, tiny-tail butts make everyone immediately smile, but more traits make them outstanding family members. They are social, playful with children, and calm and curious with other people or animals. Even though they look a little chubby, it is quite an energetic breed that loves active walks and mentally stimulating exercises. They will feel happy in a city apartment and a big house with a garden.

Friendly Dog BreedsPROS: cheerful, smart, willing to train, because of the size fits every household and family, great with kids.

CONS: prone to barking problems, can be stubborn, can get overweight quickly, so it’s necessary to oversee their diet.

5. Border Collie

Border Collies are commonly known for their energetic personality, making them one of the most agile dog breeds. Border Collies are champions in multiple canine sports – they live to be always in a move, active, and fit. They are brilliant and love learning new skills, even the most advanced. They are full of energy therefore, they will be a great companion for a family that has a dynamic lifestyle. They can be independent, but once they are given enough attention and provided with lots of physical and mental stimulation, they will create a strong relationship with their new family, which will last a lifetime.

However, their high energy levels can also be a challenge for some families. They require a significant amount of physical exercise and mental stimulation to keep them happy and healthy. Families considering a Border Collie should be prepared to provide them with enough exercise and activities to prevent them from becoming bored and destructive. They also need a lot of attention from their owners, which can be a challenge for families with busy schedules. With proper care and attention, though, Border Collies can make wonderful family pets and provide endless entertainment and joy.

Friendly Dog BreedsPROS: highly intelligent, friendly with people and animals, always curious, focused, fast-learning, fast adaptable to any changes, excited to train.

CONS: suitable for an active family who can provide the amount of exercise they require and can be shy and fearful if not socialized properly.

6. Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog breed, as the name suggests, originated in the Bern area, in Switzerland. They are large breed pups but with even larger hearts. Even though they are big-sized dogs, their personality is warm and gentle. Bernese Mountain dogs are extremely friendly, affectionate towards people of any age – they will quickly adapt to a family with playful children and be great, loyal friends for older people. As long as they are included in family life, they will be the happiest pups in the world. A Bernese doggo is enthusiastic about training obedience, fun tricks, and solving puzzle games. Because of their large size, they will enjoy living in a house with an open area where they could run freely.

Friendly Dog BreedsPROS: social, goofy, playful, calm, delicate, smart, easy to train, happy to please, sweet with children, not aggressive, protective of their family.

CONS: prone to behavioral problems, such as excessive barking or digging if left alone, they shed, so they require regular grooming care, their lifespan is relatively short due to genetic diseases (6-8 years).

7. Labradoodle

The Labradoodle breed was created as a mix of Poodle and Labrador Retriever. They turned out to be amiable dogs that might be a perfect choice for people struggling with allergies – Labradoodles were bred to be hypoallergenic (disclaimer: every case is individual, and it’s recommended to get tested before deciding on this breed). Their upbeat, sweet temperament will bring lots of joy into every household. They are passionate about training, and they will adore their parents if they spend quality time playing and doing sports together. To keep a Labradoodle in good shape, it is necessary to provide them with various physical challenges and brain games. However, they enjoy spending lazy evenings too, as long as they are surrounded by humans they love.

Friendly Dog BreedsPROS: enthusiastic, cheerful, loving, devoted to their family, get along wonderfully with kids and other pets, excited to train.

CONS: need regular brushing, can be distant if not given enough attention, a large size dog, so will be happy in a bigger space, not necessarily in an apartment. 

8. Cockapoo

The Cockapoo is another hybrid breed dog in our ranking. The breed was originated by combining Cocker Spaniel and Poodle breeds. The result was a fluffy, cute, cuddle little pup who loves the company of humans. Cockapoo tolerates well other pets, too, and is considered a hypoallergenic dog breed. They are known for their balanced temperament but also playful, happy approach. They are eager to train if motivated properly and being praised for their successes. Cockapoo’s small size indicates that they don’t need a lot of exercising what makes them a fantastic choice for a family with a moderately active lifestyle. They will be as happy living in a small apartment as in a larger space. 

Friendly Dog BreedsPROS: happy, fun attitude, smart, prone to train, cuddly, good with children, tolerant, doesn’t need a lot of physical activity, small-sized, so perfect for a cozy apartment

CONS: require daily brushing, if left alone for hours, can develop separation anxiety issues, not appropriate for a very active family lifestyle.

9. Dachshund

Dachshund breed originated in Germany but is famous and recognizable worldwide, commonly known as a ‘’sausage dog’’. Dachshunds make a great family companion due to their joyful, pleasable personality. They are loyal and quickly get attached to their humans. However, they can be stubborn, so it is wise to introduce them to basic obedience training at the early stages. They are quite lively as for a small-sized pup. They enjoy playing fetch and chasing birds as well as snuggling with their pawrent on a couch for hours. Depending on which type of Dachshund you choose (smooth, long-haired, wirehaired), they will require a different brushing and grooming amount. 

Friendly Dog BreedsPROS: intelligent, lively, and curious, joyful, trainable, cuddly, get along well with children, not aggressive, doesn’t need a lot of space, so will be happy in a small apartment.

CONS: prone to health problems due to their long backs, can become naughty if not provided enough attention and stimulation, likes barking so requires proper training.

10. Mix Breed

How about adopting a cutie from your local shelter? If you are not necessarily looking for a specific breed, we recommend visiting a shelter in your area or searching online for a puppy that needs a loving home. Who knows, you might fall in love at first sight, and breed would be the last thing that matters? In the end, a lot depends on you if your pup will grow up to be a great family member. Good socialization is a key to raising a happy, well-behaving, confident dog that will bring pure joy to your whole family. What’s more, it is proved that mix-breed dogs tend to live longer than multiple purebreds and have fewer health problems. 

Friendly Dog BreedsIf you end up with a mix-breed (we very much hope so!), there are many unique tools that will help you find out your pup’s origin, such as Dog Breed Identifier by Dogo. Recognizing your dog’s breed is a first step to understand your furry friend better. Based on the results, you will learn more about a specific breed’s characteristics and provide your pet with the best possible care. 

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