Why is it so important to train your dogDogs, for centuries, have been a great part of man’s life. With their loyalty, trust, and pure joy that they bring to our daily routines, they proved to be wonderful life companions. To create a long-lasting, happy relationship with your dog, you have to get to know them better, understand their needs, and teach them how to become your best companion. All of the above is possible through regular training sessions. Why is it so important to train your dog? How could you and your pup benefit from training?

1. You will understand the canine language better

Dogs are different species than humans. If you want to learn their language, you have to observe their behavior and body – tail wags and ear movements may have surprising meaning! Training can help you understand your pup’s language better because it requires you to spend quality time with them. During training, you fully focus on your dog, therefore you observe their behavior in different situations and circumstances. Through regular practice, your dog will be able to understand what is expected of them and learn the commands faster.

Additionally, training your dog to understand your language can also help you communicate with them in emergency situations. Imagine your dog is choking, and you need to direct them to come to you for help. If your dog has not been trained to understand your commands, they may not realize the urgency of the situation and may not come to you. However, if your dog has been trained to understand your language, they will be able to respond to your commands quickly, allowing you to help them in a timely manner. Moreover, training your dog to understand your language will make them more responsive to your commands, which can come in handy in situations where you need to control your dog’s behavior, such as when they are about to run into a busy street.

2. Your dog will be in a great mental shape 

Dogs, similar to humans, need to engage in activities that would stimulate their brains to ensure their proper development. No matter if you have an overly energetic puppy or a senior dog – pups of any age should get a regular dose of mentally enriching exercises. The majority of domesticated dogs spend their life sleeping or waiting for their owners to come back home.  

Furthermore, mental stimulation through training can also help prevent cognitive decline in senior dogs. As dogs age, they may experience a decline in cognitive function, which can lead to memory loss and other cognitive impairments. However, regular mental stimulation through training can help keep their brains active and prevent cognitive decline. In addition, training can be a great way to bond with your senior dog and provide them with the mental and emotional stimulation they need to live a happy and healthy life in their golden years.

Training will keep your dog occupied and their brain stimulated to play, discover, and learn. For inspiration, check out the game section in Dogo app

3. It can prevent your dog from getting lost

Why is it so important to train your dogBasic obedience training can do miracles! Teaching your dog basic skills, such as recall command can even prevent your dog from getting lost. It is extremely important that your dog listens to you and comes back when called, despite any distractions. A strong recall is a must, especially when your dog is overly excited on a walk or very social. Your dog’s safety should be your priority and short daily training sessions will ensure it.

4. You will avoid potential behavioural problems

Training with your dog means spending quality time with them and getting to know each other. Common behavioural issues, such as destructive chewing, biting or intensive barking occur when the dog seeks your attention. A study shows that 96% of relinquished dogs have no previous training. If you want to guarantee your dog’s happiness and prevent them from developing behavioural disorders, basic obedience training is essential.

5. You will become best friends with your dog 

Why is it so important to train your dogOne of the best ways to bond with your pup is to introduce them to positive reinforcement training. When you reward your dog for good behaviour with treats, praise, or extra playtime, they are more likely to repeat it. While training, your dog will learn good manners, and at the same time, they will interact and bond with you. They will start associating you with positive things and will look forward to spending time with you, therefore you will create an unbreakable friendship. 

Moreover, training with positive reinforcement can also have a positive impact on your dog’s overall behavior and temperament. When dogs are trained with positive reinforcement, they are more likely to be calm, confident, and well-behaved. This is because they associate good behavior with positive experiences, and they want to please their owners. In addition, positive reinforcement training can help build your dog’s self-esteem and confidence, which can make them more resilient and better able to handle new situations and challenges. By training your dog with positive reinforcement, you can help them become the best version of themselves, and build a strong and lasting bond with them.

A dog can be trained at any age. The sooner you start, the better. A happy dog equals a happy dog parent. We bet that you adopted a dog to enrich your life but you have to help your furry family member meet your expectations and adapt to your lifestyle. Short regular training sessions might be all you need to succeed. 

This article was originally published as a part of Lost Pet Prevention Month 2020 in collaboration with PetHub

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