Where to buy a dogAre you thinking of buying a puppy? Getting a new dog will be the utmost exciting, remarkable, and joyous experience for you. Still, it is crucial to do your research on where you will be purchasing one. Please avoid buying from pet stores and internet sites, which will only increase the profit for puppy mills. It will make room for the next puppy to live in inhumane conditions. Most pet store puppies come from puppy mills. These dogs live in horrific conditions, inside overcrowded cages, without any clean water or healthy food. Therefore, all the stress causes them to have severe health and behavioral problems.  

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Best Places to Buy a Puppy  

So, you may be wondering then, where exactly is the best place to get your new puppy? 

Check Your Local Animal Shelter or Animal Rescue Organization

Adopting a dog from a shelter or rescue group is the most rewarding feeling. You will get to help a homeless dog in need and provide them a loving family. Most groups will help find the right dog that will fit you and your family’s lifestyle. Some places will have mixed breeds, and some are breed-specific groups; they will have purebred dogs, which is beneficial to those looking to buy a specific breed. 

When adopting a puppy, it is crucial to choose a shelter or rescue organization that aligns with your beliefs and values. It is essential to research different organizations, read reviews, and talk to other pet owners to find the right fit for you. Additionally, volunteering at a shelter is a great way to gain experience with dogs and help out a local organization.

However, not all dogs in shelters have behavioral issues. There are many abandoned dogs on the streets for many different reasons. Some may have entered shelters because the dogs’ families could no longer keep them due to a move or sudden changes in their lives. There are plenty of wonderful, healthy, and well-behaved dogs you can choose from in shelters and rescue groups. Not only will you save a dog’s life, but you will be supporting groups that genuinely care and have a love for their animals. 

Moreover, adopting from a shelter or rescue group can be very cost-effective. Most of the time, the adoption fee covers the dog’s initial vet care, such as vaccinations and spaying/neutering. This can be a significant advantage compared to buying a dog from a breeder, where additional expenses such as vet visits and vaccinations will be added up, making it quite expensive. Additionally, adopting a dog from a shelter can be a great opportunity for children to learn about compassion, empathy, and responsible pet ownership. They will learn to appreciate the value of giving a second chance to a dog in need and will also experience the joy of saving a dog’s life.

If people adopted more, there would be fewer euthanized dogs, and puppy mills wouldn’t be able to operate successfully. Adopting a dog will ensure that you will not be putting a dime into the pockets of the puppy mills industry.  

Be Prepared  

Are you considering adoption? That’s amazing! Nevertheless, be prepared for strict adoption requirements and a long process before getting your puppy. Most shelters and rescue groups are strict because they need to make sure the puppy is going to the right home and family. They will most likely go through this entire or most of this checklist with you:  

  • You will need to fill out a particular adoption application. 
  • You will go through an interview process. 
  • You will need to provide references. 
  • They will interview your references. 
  • You will need to provide information on where you are employed. (Shelters need to know that you can financially provide for a dog).  
  • In some cases, they will come and do a home visit. (They do this to ensure you are allowed to have pets and that your home is well-maintained for a dog to live happy and healthy).  

Where to buy a dogBuy From a Responsible Breeder 

Do you like a specific dog breed? In this case, you may want to consider buying from a breeder. Do your research and find not just any breeder but one who is responsible and reputable. 

Responsible Breeder Checklist

You can follow this checklist to ensure you are meeting a responsible breeder: 

  1. Responsible breeders provide a loving and healthy environment for all the dogs they breed so they are happy and healthy. The areas that they keep their breeding dogs and puppies should be well maintained, kept clean, and spacious. They will encourage you to visit their home to see how the dogs’ living conditions are and where your puppy is born and raised.   
  2. Responsible breeders will ask you to come and do multiple visits to spend time with your puppy and the parents, or at least with the pup’s mother. It is essential because you will be able to see the living conditions and the temperament and health of your puppy and the parents.  
  3. Responsible breeders will never sell puppies to pet stores or over the internet to people who they have not met in person.  
  4. Responsible breeders specialize in only one or a few breeds. They will not always have a group of readily available puppies.  
  5. Responsible breeders are willing to walk away from a sale if they feel the person trying to buy from them will not be a good fit or the right match for the puppy.  
  6. Responsible breeders will show you records of veterinary visits for your puppy and the parents. They will also have good relationships with veterinarians.  
  7. Responsible breeders will want to get to know you. They will ask who is in your family and who will be responsible for your pup’s daily care and training.  
  8. Responsible breeders will ask you to sign a contract and ask for you to bring your pup back to them if you can no longer provide care. They will also ask for references or veterinary references if you have had a dog in the past.  
  9. Responsible breeders are actively involved in local, state, or national clubs that specialize in their specific breeds. Some are engaged in showing their dogs, obedience trials, tracking, and agility trials.  
  10. Responsible breeders will have superb knowledge of the specific breed and explain any genetic or developmental problems the breed can have.  

Ask Family and Friends

You can consider adopting a puppy from your close family members or friends that you can trust. Some of your family or friends may have a litter of puppies unexpectedly! It is still essential to do your research on the breed requirements and see if the puppy will be a good match for you.  

Check Other Ethical Sites

There are many different ethical websites and companies you can look into to find the right breeder or for shelter and rescue groups: 

Be Honest with Yourself

Where to buy a dogDeciding where to buy your new puppy is very important. It is also essential to be honest with yourself if you can commit to providing the puppy a happy life for the entire life span. Be honest about your personality, lifestyle and habits, time, and financial budget.  

Consider doing heavy research on the breed to fully understand the requirements and become knowledgeable about the breed you will be getting. Look into factors such as exercise requirements, level of energy, temperament, grooming requirements, size, compatibility with children, and certain genetic diseases or disorders.  Train your new puppy in our New Dog program! Your furry-loving companion will become a well-behaved pup. Dogo will set you and your dog up for success to live a long, happy, and healthy life together! 

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