As every dog parent, you don’t even want to think about the day when you will have to say a final goodbye to your four-pawed friend. Unfortunately, the fact is that dogs live much shorter than humans. If you ask yourself how long will my dog live, read this insightful article. It is smart to be aware of what is the average lifespan of your new family member before bringing them home..

The study shows that the average dog lifespan is 11-12 years if the dog is well taken care of. Of course, there are multiple exceptions and some dogs will live shorter, others – much longer than expected.

What are the factors that affect a dog’s life expectancy?

The most crucial among them are breed and size, however, genetics, health, and overall lifestyle also have a huge impact on beloved companion’s mortality. Inherited diseases and conditions can lead to a shorter lifespan. Additionally, a dog’s overall lifestyle, such as their activity level and exposure to environmental toxins, can also impact their longevity.


A broad study on canine lifespan from 2010 reveals that on 14 examined long-living breeds, 64% were small sized dogs, 21% were toy and 14% were moderate-sized dogs.

Research from the University of Gottingen in Germany confirms the thesis. To receive credible results as possible, the scientists studied 56,000 animals, including over 70 dog breeds. They found out that the dog’s mortality is significantly linked to their weight – the dog which weights more will live shorter than a lighter one. Some experts also believe that large breeds age faster because they are prone to heart diseases.

How long will my dog live


Dog’s breed is highly connected to its genetics. Purebreed dogs have a smaller genetic pool and less variation in it. The breeding always takes place under the control environment, so the susceptible genes tend to stay in the breed. 10% of all occurring illnesses are genetic, therefore purebred dogs are more prone to them.

Crossbred canines, however, tend to live longer than purebred dogs. Mix-breeds have stronger immune systems, therefore, they experience fewer health problems. A 2018 Japanese study on 5,100 representatives of different dog breeds proves that the average mutt enjoy longer life by 1.2 years longer than their purebred canine.

How long will my dog live


Providing a healthy, well-balanced diet to your dog can increase their expected lifespan significantly. Additionally, it might have a positive impact on the quality of their life and delay the aging process. Overweight is a huge enemy of a healthy lifestyle so keep in mind the number of treats you give your dog and reduce it from the daily ratio.

Daily care

How long will my dog live? If you provide a nutritious diet and the right amount of exercise and training, the chances are that they will enjoy a long happy life with you. Take your best friend regularly for check-ups and don’t forget about dental care.

Mental stimulation can impact your dog’s well-being as much as physical exercise. You can easily combine both by trying out Dogo tricks and games to build a stronger bond with your four-pawed companion and spend valuable time together. Try out new games and activities with your dog to keep their mind sharp and engaged. This can include puzzle toys, training exercises, and even just spending quality time together.

A healthy and loved dog is a happy dog. Take the most of your time together and enjoy every single day in each other company.

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