Does your dog display destructive behavior? Are you afraid for your belongings or furniture? Does your pet chew and devastate everything within their reach? Usually, these behaviors are characteristic of puppies or canine teenagers. What if your pet has long said goodbye to the turbulent adolescence but hasn’t gotten rid of the habit of destroying their surroundings? It is undoubtedly tiring behavior. Therefore, we recommend you think of a way to eliminate it! If your dog destroys the house, read our article and find a solution to your problem.

The First Step to Understanding Dog Behavior

Dog destroys the houseAt the very beginning, answer one fundamental question: “Does your dog exhibit destructive behavior when left alone in the house or when the family members are present?” The context in which this behavior occurs is essential. It allows you to get to the root of the problem. Only when you understand it can you come up with methods to eliminate it.

Consider keeping a journal to document your dog’s behavior. Write down the time and date of each incident, what your dog destroyed, and any events that may have triggered the behavior. This information can help you determine whether the behavior is occurring during certain times of the day or in response to specific stimuli. You may also begin to notice patterns in your dog’s behavior that can help you identify the root cause of the problem. Once you have a better understanding of your dog’s destructive behavior, you can take steps to address the problem more effectively.

Destruction in the Company of Family Members 

What might be the reasons?

1. To draw attention to themselves

It is a very deliberate and successful action. Dogs are very clever animals. They learn by association. They pick up situations and behaviors that can work to their advantage and very often apply them. Some dogs know exactly what to do to get a human’s attention. Quite often, they steal and destroy their things. After all, you will not pass by your pet without a glance when they take and chew on your new headphones, right? If it works, your dog will repeat it gladly!

What can you do in this situation?

Make sure to give your pup the proper amount of attention throughout the day. Incorporate basic obedience training or creative tricks into your routine. Go on fun walks and play together. In addition, teach your pet to spend time independently. Your dog should be able to take care of themselves. Introduce sniffing activities, mentally stimulating games, or chew toys. You can also consider puzzle toys or interactive toys that will keep your dog entertained while you’re away.

Consider enrolling your dog in doggy daycare or hiring a dog walker to take them for a walk during the day. This can provide your dog with an opportunity to socialize with other dogs and get plenty of exercise and mental stimulation.  

If your pet destroys items to get your attention, start hiding the most valuable ones. Leave only those that your furry friend could possibly destroy. If your pooch snatches them, ignore it. This way, your pet will see that your method is not working and will stop using it after a while.

2. Boredom 

Dog destroys the houseBoredom is a feeling of emptiness that is caused by a lack of change in the environment and any stimuli. Destruction can be a way to kill time and a desire to spend it interestingly. A bored dog reaches for various objects. These can be items from the closest environment or those that seem interesting.

What can you do in this situation?

Try to make sure your dog has exciting activities throughout the day. If your four-legged friend spends the day in a fun way, the rest of the day, they should be resting. They shouldn’t be naughty much. Try to diversify your dog’s daily routine. Plan walks, obedience training, and games. Provide them with the right amount of excitement to not seek it at the wrong moments.

Destruction while home alone

This situation can be much more complex. Without careful observation of your dog, it’s hard to figure out the cause. Sounds reasonable, but how to observe your pet while we are away?

The best solution is to leave a   or a phone at home that will record your pup’s behavior. When you return, carefully watch their actions and, based on that, try to deduce which of the following options fits them:

1. Boredom

It is a destruction that usually does not appear immediately after the family members leave the house. A pet does not look tense and stressed. However, feeling bored for too long leads to frustration, which can intensify the problem.

What can you do in this situation?

Try to keep your dog entertained while you are away. Leave them their favorite toys. We advise using more engaging ones, such as a sniffing toy or a brain game. It will keep your pooch occupied for a longer period of time. There is also a good chance that the olfactory/mind activity will tire them out solidly. After the activity, your pup should be calmer when you return.

2. Too little stimulation of the dog on a daily basis 

It is the neglect of the pet’s basic needs that are responsible for reducing their excitement level. Frustration that grows must find an outlet. Biting, ripping, and chewing something in their mouth is a form of relaxation. That’s why, right then, dogs start breaking various objects.

What can you do in this situation?

Take care of your pet’s daily stimulation. It includes: providing the appropriate amount of exercise (especially before leaving the house), giving the dog chews (preferably of natural origin, not rubber ones which get bored quickly – Kong-type chews are an exception, natural chews are e.g., beef trachea, rumen, etc.), organizing daily intellectual and olfactory games for the dog, taking care of the dog’s proper rest, shared training and play and well-balanced meals.

3. Separation anxiety

Dog destroys the houseIt is associated with the fear of being alone. It is most often experienced by dogs with low self-esteem. In this situation, destroying objects may occur right after the dog parent leaves the house. This kind of pet usually targets their pawrents belongings that have the most pungent scent. Chewing on the item helps reduce stress, and the familiar scent is additionally calming. The pet may also mutilate themselves and vocalize excessively (bark, howl, squeal, etc.).

What can you do in this situation?

Hide all items that are valuable to you. Try to leave your dog a chew or olfactory/mind game just before you leave the house. Chances are your dog will occupy themselves with it and not pay attention to you leaving the house. On top of that, it will reduce excess excitement through the tiring and calming activities. What you leave for your pet should be attractive to them. Don’t say goodbye to your dog or show them too much affection before you go. 

Additionally, try to boost your pet’s self-esteem and confidence level on a daily basis. If that doesn’t help, contact a professional behaviorist who will observe your dog and show you exactly how to work with them.

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