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We take it for granted but actually, it is amazing that dogs are so deeply involved in our daily life. Dogs belong to other species and such close inter-species relation is unprecedented. However, for the dogs to understand us, it is important to teach them our language and to get to know their behaviour and motivations. Dogo prepared a list of how your dog will benefit from training:

1. Build a relationship

You will build a relationship with your dog and he will start understanding your body language and signals. If somebody tells you “นั่ง”, you are clearly lost and not sure what to do. You might try a few things but the chance is very high that you will not get it right. Why? Because nobody taught you to read Thai. It is the same with your dog. You can not expect him to listen to you and behave as you wish if you never educated him. What I love about dog training is to see how eager dogs are to learn and interact with us and how quick they are to get our cues. Dogs are pack animals and love to belong to a group so by training your dog you will form a little pack.

2. Mental stimulation

Dogs need mental stimulation to drain their energy. Imagine, if you had to sit at home and had no TV, smartphone or books. If nobody was to talk to you. You would go crazy. The same with dogs. It is not enough to give them some exercise outside. Most of our dogs spend 90% of their day on a sofa and are jobless.

Dogs are curious creatures and love solving problems. When they’re bored, they can engage in destructive behaviour like chewing furniture, barking, or digging. To prevent this, you can teach your dog new tricks, take them to new places, and try out different activities like swimming, hiking, or agility courses. The more your dog is exposed to new experiences, the more mentally stimulated they’ll be. Instead of feeding your dog from a food bowl, make a snuffle matt, stuff Kong’s toys with canned food, organise a treasure hunt at home.

For more ideas, check the Game section in Dogo App. You need more inspiration? How about making some easy DIY toys for your furry friend?

3. Good dog

You can take your obedient dog everywhere. Even people who love pets do not appreciate to have dogs that bark all the time, jump on them with dirty paws or constantly try to interrupt dinner by stealing food.

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4. Positive reinforcement

Training and rewarding your dog for correct behaviour is more likely to encourage your dog to repeat the behaviour and behave well. Positive reinforcement means rewarding good behaviour, not punishing bad behaviour. It’s essential to identify what motivates your dog, whether it’s food, toys, or praise, and use it as a reward when they do something right. Consistency is also crucial when training your dog. You should reward good behaviour every time they display it and ignore bad behaviour instead of punishing it. Punishing your dog can lead to fear, anxiety, and aggression. Positive reinforcement creates a positive association with obedience, making your dog more likely to repeat the behaviour.

5. Quality time

Trained dogs adore their owners because they have spent a lot of quality time together.  Like with humans, a strong friendship is built on experiences and time spent doing activities together. Your dog is more likely to come back off lead when called because You, his best friend, are more interesting and important than anything else.

6. Prevent problems

Your dog is going to spend 12–16 years with you, it is important that this friendship is smooth. 96% of relinquished dogs have no previous training – a very high and convincing number to motivate you that obedience training is essential.

Puppies have a critical socialization period between 3 and 14 weeks, where they learn how to interact with the world around them. During this time, it’s essential to expose your puppy to different experiences, people, and animals, so they become well-adjusted and confident adult dogs. Obedience training during this period can also prevent behavioural problems in the future. For example, if your puppy is not socialized with other dogs, they may become aggressive towards them as an adult. It’s also important to note that obedience training is not just for puppies. Dogs can learn new things at any age, and training can help prevent problem behaviours like excessive barking, jumping, or digging. By investing time in training your dog, you’re not only creating a better relationship with them, but you’re also giving them the tools they need to be well-behaved, happy dogs.

7. Clear goals

Your dog will be relaxed because he will have clear rules, directions, will not be foreign in your home, this way he will be able to fit in and be a pleasant companion of your everyday life.

8. You will be happier!

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