My dog Rolls on Their BackTL;DR: Yes, rolling on the back is common for pets. 

Have you noticed your dog likes to roll around in the grass or mud, possibly covering themselves in some stinky eau de parfum of carrion or feces? Don’t be alarmed – they have good reasons to do that.

It’s Hunting Season

You can domesticate dogs, but you can’t un-beast them. Though your dog doesn’t need to hunt or fight to survive and is in no danger of becoming someone else’s dinner, they still carry those ancient instincts within. Rolling on the back over carrion or feces is a way to camouflage their scent with a more intense one, so they could hunt or hide without being discovered. 

I’ll Make a Ceasar Salat Out of You  

Rolling on the back can also express, “I came, I saw, I conquered; that’s why my smell is all over”. The rolling-and-conquering can happen everywhere: Their bed, your bed, other soft padded surfaces, the lawn, or next to carrion they found. Either way, it’s a message for others to stay away from their territory.

My dog Rolls on Their BackSmells Like Flock Leader

Walking around smelling of a dead pigeon or a horse’s feces upgrades your dog’s social status among fellow dogs, signaling to others that they successfully hunted some nice dinner. 


Dogs often roll on their back to relax, release tension, and stretch their muscles after a long sleep or challenging obedience training. 


Rolling is a way to remove dirt by rubbing it off on the grass (or the living room carpet, whichever is closer).

Cool off

My dog Rolls on Their BackDogs love to roll on their backs in shallow puddles or shaded areas to cool down when the weather’s hot.

If your dog rolls excessively, it’s a good idea to consult your vet to rule out any skin problems. Otherwise, it’s Roll over Beethoven! Let your dog enjoy as long as nothing stinky is involved :) 

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