My dog jumps on meYou come home, quietly open the door, and your pet greets you jumping? You are happy to see them, but when they jump on you, you feel uncomfortable? This behaviour can be annoying. Especially when there is damage involved – torn tights, dirty pants, scratches, or bruises. Good news – you can work on this! All you have to do is find out the reason and take the necessary steps. 

Why do dogs jump?

Jumping is a natural behaviour for dogs. For wild and free-living dogs, it’s a way to feed themselves. The dog’s mother goes out to get food, leaves her pack. When she returns, the puppies jump on her and lick her mouth to provoke her to vomit so they can receive the food.

Even if your pet is not trying to get food from you, they still exhibit the behaviour they carry in their genes – they try to lick your face. You’re probably taller than your dog so the task isn’t that easy for them. They jump up and down to reach your face.  

Jumping can also occur when your four-legged friend is very excited and stops controlling their emotions. Frequently they grab the clothes you’re wearing. Sometimes they grab your body parts. This can happen not only while greeting but also during playtime or when they are under a lot of stress.

How do you teach your dog to stop jumping? 

  • Ignore your dog’s behavior

Don’t push them away, don’t yell at them, it’s best not to say anything. You can also turn around and cover your face. Try to stay calm and still. Every gesture you make can trigger your pet. Ignoring will help them to calm down. Say hello to your pet with a calm voice, control your movements. Do it only when they are standing on four feet.

  • My dog jumps on meDistract your dog

Try to get them interested in something else. As soon as you get home, try throwing on the floor their favourite treats or something to chew on. When your dog is snooping around or starts biting on the toy, they will calm down. You will be able to peacefully enter the house. Over time, your pup will start redirecting their attention to something other than you. 

  • Introduce static commands

Teach your dog the commands that require concentration. You will apply them when they jump on you. In Dogo app you can find the Basic Obedience training program that will help you teach your dog commands such as “Sit”, “Down”, “Stay”, and “Place”. As a result, you will be able to replace unwanted behavior with useful skills.

Download Dogo App
Download Dogo App

  • Eliminate a potential reward

When you leave, your doggo spends hours alone. They often sleep and accumulate energy. No wonder that they react enthusiastically when you come home. They jump with joy and try to draw your attention. In this case, your presence is a reward. Go out the door, wait a while, and come back. Say hello to your dog only when they’re standing still. If the dog is still jumping when you get back, go out again. After a while, your dog will understand that you pay attention to them only if they are calm. They will change their behavior pattern over time.

  • Reward for good behavior

Another effective way to teach your dog to stop jumping is by rewarding them for good behavior. When your dog greets you calmly by sitting or standing on all fours, give them a treat or praise them with encouraging words. This positive reinforcement will help them associate good behavior with rewards and eventually, they will stop jumping altogether.

In addition to waiting and only greeting your dog when they are calm, you can also try eliminating any potential rewards that your dog may receive from jumping. For example, if your dog jumps on you to get attention, try to ignore them completely until they calm down. This means no eye contact, no talking, and no touching. Once your dog has calmed down, you can then give them the attention they crave. This will help your dog understand that jumping will not get them what they want, and they will eventually stop the behavior.

Experiment with different methods

If you’re struggling with excessively jumping pup, try out these ways. If you have tried all of the above methods and your dog is still jumping, don’t give up hope! There are many other methods you can try, such as teaching your dog to “shake” or “high five” instead of jumping, or using a deterrent such as a spray bottle filled with water to discourage the behavior. Although they require calmness and patience from you, it is worth taking the time and energy to achieve the results. Every dog is different and a different approach will work on them. Experiment with the methods above, choose the one that’s right for your dog and get to work! :) 

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