rotate your dog's toys Each day rotate your dog’s toys, so your dog is excited by them. Make the toys seem special and play with them at the start of the day. This is especially important if you are leaving the dog home alone.

For example, you can divide the toys into different categories such as chew toys, squeaky toys, interactive toys, and so on. This way, your dog will not get bored of playing with the same toys every day. You can also add new toys to their collection so that they look forward to playing with them. However, make sure you don’t overwhelm them with too many toys, as it might lead to confusion and anxiety.

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Make one toy very special that your dog would be very excited to work for. Put this toy away when you are not training.  This will help your dog associate positive experiences with the toy and look forward to training sessions. Moreover, you can also use this toy as a reward for good behavior. For instance, if your dog successfully completes a task, reward them with the special toy. This will motivate them to perform better and make training sessions more enjoyable. 

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