Collar or harnessWalking your dog on a collar or a harness is a good choice as long as they are fitted well and are made from good material. When you fit the collar or a harness, make sure that you can slip one or two fingers in between the dog’s body and the accessory. Don’t forget to check that it is not too tight on the underarms. Once you put it on, try to pull in the other direction as if your dog was trying to escape. If the collar or harness goes off without unclipping the buckles, it is either fitted too loosely, or the accessory doesn’t work for your dog’s anatomy. Please look for a better fit, as it could be very dangerous if your dog suddenly goes loose in the middle of the traffic. So what is better for your dog collar or harness?

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Types of Collars

The best collar is the one that has a buckle and is fitted to your dog’s neck. Close the buckle and pressure test it. If you pull on the opposite ends of the collar, does the buckle go off?

Dogo doesn’t support prong, pinch, shock collars as they cause discomfort and can seriously injure your dog. That is why they are illegal in many countries.

Types of Harnesses

There are many harnesses on the market, is important to choose the harness that fits your dog well. We like Y-shape harnesses as they cause less irritation under the armpits. For strong pullers, a front-clip y-shaped harness is a great tool. It has a buckle in the front where you can attach a leash. If the dog is pulling too much, you can pull on the leash attached in the front, and the dog will turn their body towards you.

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