Remove Dog OdorWhether your dog is still learning to pee outside or they, have some medical condition, or your dog had an accident, one thing is crucial: remove the puddle and the scent, so the dog is not encouraged to return to the same spot.

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Enzymatic cleaner to neutralize the pheromones

The pheromones in dog urine teach dogs a lot about each others’ territory and respectable places to urinate. However, once a dog had an accident in the house, smelling those pheromones may encourage your dog to pee again in the same area.

Enzymatic cleaners destroy the proteins that make up the pheromones in dog pee. The enzymes eliminate the dog’s urine smell and decrease the chance of your dog returning to the same spot.

How to?

If the dog had an accident on a fabric that you can wash, use the enzymatic cleaner with laundry detergent to remove all the smell. If possible, remove all carpets and fabrics from the house until the dog is house-trained.

If the dog has peed on a surface, first soak in all the liquid with a towel. Test all the products you are about to use on a small surface as hydrogen peroxide and enzymatic cleaner can bleach the colors, change the fabric, or ruin the surface. If the surface doesn’t show any reaction after being in contact with the liquid for 15 min, do the following:

  • Soak a towel with a hydrogen peroxide-based cleaner. Leave the towel and cleaner on the stain for 15 minutes.
  • Repeat the first step using an enzymatic cleaner.
  • Let it air dry. If the odor remains, treat it again.

Use UV or black light to spot any dried urine spots and make sure to clean them. Even though they are not visible to our eye, your dog is undoubtedly attracted to them.

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