luring dog trainingLuring is a training method, often used in the Dogo app.

Luring is presenting a piece of food in front of your dog’s nose and like with a magic wand luring, moving your dog into a wanted position or performing a motion.

This technique can be used for a variety of purposes such as teaching your dog to sit, lay down, roll over, or even jump through hoops. It is a great way to introduce new tricks to your dog or to improve their overall behavior. However, it is essential to use this technique carefully, as over-reliance on luring can cause a dependency on food rewards and hinder the dog’s ability to learn without them.

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For example in the Dogo trick: Spin – you are holding a treat in your hand in front of the dog’s nose. You move your hand with the food and your dog follows the food and turns around their axis.


  • Fast
  • Flexible
  • Easy for beginners.


  • Lures must be phased out early or dogs become dependent on the treat to do the trick.
  • It requires little mental effort in problem-solving by the dog.

Another excellent example of luring is teaching your dog to come when called. To do this, you can hold a treat in your hand and call your dog’s name. As they come towards you, move the treat towards your body, so they follow it and come closer. Eventually, your dog will learn to associate coming when called with a positive reward and will respond to your commands even without a treat. This technique can be used to teach your dog many other commands, such as “stay,” “heel,” or “leave it.” Just remember to be patient and consistent, and always reward your dog for their good behavior.

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