Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Your PetTo help, I’ve selected my favorite gifts for Valentine’s Day, so you can spoil your little lovebug with endless joy. I’ve gone through all the popular must-have toys, the treats, the furniture, you name it to bring you the best of the best. I’ve been sure to include a little something for everyone, so let’s see what we can spoil your pet with! Get inspired by our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide. 

1. Dogo App

Sometimes, when we give a gift to our dogs, it’s not always just for them. Sometimes, the gift benefits us as well, and there’s no shame in it. That’s why I have a subscription to the DOGO Training App as number 1 on our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide. 

Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Your PetIt helps you teach your dog pretty much any trick or command you can think of. Now, that’s a lot of options to choose from, but no worries, because the app starts you off with a test to assess your dog’s skills and then tailors a program to their needs. You can even send in homemade training videos for direct feedback from dog trainers. With a built-in clicker that nearly reduces training time in half, the Dogo app is definitely the perfect gift for both your pupper and you.

2. Innovet Pet Oatmeal & Honey Shampoo + Conditioner 

Innovet Pet touts their Oatmeal & Honey Shampoo as one that provides all the awesome therapeutic benefits of an oatmeal and honey bath without any of the mess. And that’s exactly why I love it! Plus, I really like the idea of my dog not trying to eat soapy oatmeal. 

As well, I love that it uses a pH-balanced formula made up of organic ingredients as a dog’s skin is much closer to a neutral pH than our own. This is especially important for the ones that struggle with allergies and sensitive skin. 

3. Downtown Pet Supply’s Thermal Cat Warming Mat

Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Your PetMany of our fine felines love hanging out by the furnace during the winter. But not only can this burn their skin before they realize it, they’re also hogging all the heat, and this injustice can not stand. That’s why I love the Downtown Pet Supply’s Thermal Cat Warming Mat. 

To keep your kitty’s skin safe, the warming mat utilizes an innovative mechanism that reflects your kitten’s own body heat back to them. How freaking cool! 

4. BarkBox Subscription 

Not sure which toy is the right one for your pet? Yeah, me either. There are just too many options, and nothing worse than getting the wrong toy for your pet. That’s why I like the BarkBox subscription, which does all the work for you. Every month they send out a 4-6 item bundle composed of both fun and kooky toys and treats. When you sign up, you select your dog’s size, so you never have to worry about picking out the wrong treat or toy for your pup again.

5. Cat Cave

Most cats love closed in areas because it helps them feel secure. It’s actually why you don’t want to choose a crate much larger than your cat. Another thing cats love is sleeping. That’s why I fell head over heels for the Cat Cave. It’s super cozy and perfect for your kitten to hide in. And frankly, it’s adorable watching your cat pop their little head out of it. 

6. WOPET Pet Automatic Smart Feeders 

Have a pet whose life revolves around food? Yeah, so do I, that’s why I selected WOPET Automatic Smart Feeders. WOPET offers a few different models with varying features. All models let you record personalized messages for your pet. How adorbs! The newer releases even feature WIFI, allowing you to remotely feed your pet with your phone. 

Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Your PetAnother reason I love these feeders is they’re big enough for both cats and dogs, allowing you to precisely portion out their food. Perfect for the ones who need to lose the holiday weight gain that’s still lingering around. 

Now, I know some may feel uncomfortable with an automatic feeder because they’re afraid it can hurt the pet’s attachment or emotional bond. I like to think an automatic feeder does the opposite. Now, when our pet comes to love us, we know it’s not because they only want food. 

This article is contributed by guest writer, Sandra Juliana. She is a blogger with more than four years of experience with pets. In recent years, her focus has been on writing about pet-related topics and living with her four dogs, three cats, and a small menagerie of farm animals. She is a regular author of

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