We have all experienced a time when our dog sticks their nose in the place where they shouldn’t. It is not only difficult for pet parents but may harm the dog as well. There are many items in the house around your canine friend that they should avoid getting near to. Such things include a fridge, kitchen, human medicine, cleaning products, fish food, and much more. Thus, to prevent chaos, pets need to be adequately trained and taken good care of. 

To make sure that your dog does not consume any toxic food, there are many things that you can do. To avoid accidents and mishaps, you need to give your pup proper attention. In this article, we will discuss a few ways how can you stop your dog from consuming toxic food. 

Ways To Stop Your Dog From Eating Toxic Food

how can you stop your dog from consuming toxic food While no pet parent wants to think that their dog came in contact with something that they shouldn’t, they worry that it might happen can be very chaotic. Therefore, to prevent such incidents from occurring in the first place, we need to consider some of the most important things. Here are a few ways that might help you with that:

1. Train Your Dog

A crucial action you should take, yet not easy way to stop your dog from eating something terrible is to train your dog. Teach your pup what they can and cannot eat. Whenever they will try eating something which they shouldn’t, make sure to give the command “Leave it” or “Drop it”. We recommend you to start the Impulse Control Program in the Dogo App. It’s a perfect solution to become more aware of your dog’s impulses. The Program offers easy tasks for your dog and within a few weeks, your pup will master commands that are important in daily life situations. A short training session per day, makes you create a stronger relationship with your canine companion, therefore your dog will be happy to follow your instructions whenever needed. Just make sure that you adjust the learning pace to your dog. It’s better to take one step at a time, then overwhelming your pup with too much knowledge at once. Be patient and understanding. 

Training your dog not to eat toxic food is an ongoing process. You need to be consistent with the training and repeat the commands until your dog understands them. Apart from that, you can also reward your dog for good behavior. This will encourage them to follow your commands and make the learning process more fun. You can also try to teach your dog some new tricks that will help them understand the importance of avoiding toxic food. For example, you can teach them to fetch their own food or to eat only when you give them the command. These tricks will not only help you keep your dog safe but also strengthen your bond with them.

2. Keep Poisonous Food Away From Your Dog 

how can you stop your dog from consuming toxic food Even though it sounds obvious, it won’t harm to repeat it over and over again. Dogs cannot consume most of human food therefore ensure that products such as milk, chocolate, cheese, nuts are kept away from their reach. You might need to lock the fridge when you are not home. Keep other food products on high shelves and cabinets. If your dog is particularly attracted to smells, store their food in lower cabinets so that if the dog makes their way to find it, at least it won’t be dangerous to their health.

3. Be Aware Of Toxic Household Products 

You might need to reconsider the household items that you have. These contain some harmful chemicals that can be the most damaging to the dogs. Some common household items such as cleaning products, pesticides, and fertilizers contain harmful chemicals that can cause serious health issues. You can switch to eco-friendly or pet-safe products to ensure your dog’s safety. Moreover, some dogs are allergic to certain fragrances or chemicals. It is essential to keep a record of the products that your dog is allergic to and avoid using them in the future. In case of any allergies, consult with your veterinarian and get proper medication for your furry friend.

Keep a strict eye on your pets. See what they eat and what items they find attractive. Always make sure to pay attention to your dog’s behavior so if anything happens, you will be able to recognize any abnormal signs.  Additionally, some pets might be allergic to household items. Therefore, go for a regular checkup to ensure your dog’s safety.

how can you stop your dog from consuming toxic food 4. Keep An Eye Out On Poisonous Plants

When you go out for a walk with your dog, keep an eye on the poisonous plants. Make sure that your dog does not eat or bite any toxic leaves. If you are a plant person, it is your responsibility as a pet parent, to get educated on which plants might be poisonous to your furry friends. In case your dog gets in contact with such plants, rush to see the vet. Individual plants are hazardous to dogs. They might cause seizures, twitching, cramps, etc. Special care is needed when you go out for a walk with your pup or when you are buying new plants for your house. 

 If you have a garden in your house, it is essential to keep your dog away from poisonous plants. Some common poisonous plants include lilies, daffodils, tulips, and azaleas. You can fence off the garden area or keep your dog on a leash when you are working in the garden. Additionally, if you are buying new plants for your house, make sure to check if they are hazardous to your dog’s health. You can also consult with a veterinarian or a pet store to get a list of pet-friendly plants. This will not only keep your dog safe but also add a touch of nature to your living space.

The Bottom Line

It is important to keep an eye on your dog’s eating pattern and behavior. Some dogs might have a habit of eating anything they come across, while others might be more selective. If your dog has a tendency to eat anything, you need to take extra care to keep toxic food items away from their reach. Similarly, if your dog is more selective, you need to be aware of the food items they like and keep them out of reach. You can also consult with a veterinarian to understand your dog’s eating habits and get some tips on how to keep them safe.

Having a dog at home requires great care and protection regarding certain things. Ensure that all chemicals are safely stored and contained in proper kits. Do not keep poisonous plants in or around your house. In addition, always keep an eye on what your dog eats. If you observe any abnormal changes in their behavior and eating habits, see a doctor immediately. You may not be around your pet 24/7. Therefore, proper training and some simple tricks can help your dog stay happy and healthy. Thus, these simple ways may be helpful to keep your dog from consuming toxic food.