City Living DogWe live in a world where pets play an essential role in many people’s homes and everyday life. Dogs are known to be a man’s favorite pet. Many many dog parents will tell you that the connection between them and their furry companion is one of the strongest bonds they have in their life.

Recent studies have shown that there is an upward trend of owning a pet in the United States. In bigger states, for example, New Jersey, statistics show that pet ownership now stands at 47.4 percent. You must know that you have responsibilities as a dog owner living in a big city. It should be clear as day that taking care of a dog is a huge commitment that requires both training and devotion. In the text below, we list some training tips for you and your city living dog. 

Essential Dog Care

First of all, we must stress that dog care is just as critical as the care we provide to human beings. Unfortunately, when living in metropolitan areas, the chance of your pooch getting hurt in an accident or getting sick increases. As a result, the costs for veterinarian check-ups and visits might put a big dent in your wallet.

Therefore, the first thing you should do when getting a pet is research pet insurance providers. For instance, if you happen to live in New Jersey, look up the best pet insurance in NJ and choose the plan that best suits you and your dog.

Knowing that an insurance company can cover the costs, a lot of pressure will disappear from your shoulders. Instead of worrying about whether your budget will allow the sudden visit to the vet, you can focus on providing the best care.

Building Routines

Dogs are creatures of habit. They quickly get used to doing things at certain times during the day. If you don’t introduce a proper routine when living in crowded cities, your dog can become confused and frustrated. Therefore, you must respect the dog’s habits and know the patterns that dogs need in life.

  • Serving Meals

It is one of the most important routines for your dog. It is natural for them to behave as if they are starving and be ready to devour everything in front of them. However, this can be easily controlled and trained if you give the meals at exact times. Firstly, select specific times when you feed the dog each day. If your dog knows that they will eat at a specific time, they will not be so anxious or disturb you.

  • Walking Your Dog

City Living DogIf you do not take the dog for a walk at the same time every day, they can begin to perform their needs at home, even if they do not want to.

Even in the city, there are places with natural green areas scattered where your dog can feel free to run around and play off-leash. Go to a small park nearby or to the neighborhood’s dog park where your dog can frolic and socialize with other dogs in a controlled environment.

Whether in the park or on the street, your dog requires attention, caution, and proper socialization with other pets. You should also avoid pulling the leash and instead teach your dog to be calm because anxiety is never beneficial due to the suffering it causes.

Arrange a specific time for your dog’s walks and try to rest it after it has eaten. It would help if you went out with your dog two to three times a day and at the same time of the day.

Stimulate the Dog’s Brain

Dogs are intelligent animals, and they have a great learning ability. But to keep a dog healthy and happy in a busy and populous city, it is necessary to activate them mentally, preferably with some fun games that stimulate the brain. 

This is just as important as their physical activity. All dogs have a lot of energy to get rid of every day. Luckily, there is a wide selection of different apps for your pet that offer smart exercises for mental stimulation. They are designed to keep your dog in excellent mental health.

Practice Obedience

Obedience training is a fundamental prerequisite for city living with your dog. Even as a small puppy, it is ideal for getting it to walk with a leash through leash training. You should also teach the dog to come on call and to stay put when you give the command.

The dog should be able to behave both in their own home and when meeting other people and dogs.

Train Them to Understand the Streets

Most dogs do not know how to behave in busy streets. We can teach them some restraint, but when it comes to teaching a dog to walk across the street, it quickly becomes complicated. They want to run and maybe even chase cars, without a thought of what might happen.

There are two essential commands that a city living dog must learn: “stay” or “sit” and “come” or “walk”. These are basic commands because they instruct the dog precisely what to do.

Once your pet has learned them, it’s time to teach your pup to walk across the street. The main thing is always to use a leash and keep it by your side.

Don’t wait until you reach the end of the sidewalk; it is best to stop a few meters before while the light is still red. Then say “stay”. When the light turns green, you say “come” while continuously holding the dog by your side. Slowly but surely, the dog will get used to these commands and react to them when walking across the street.

Final Thoughts

City Living DogThere are no obstacles to getting a dog and living in a big city. Dogs can be well-adjusted with the proper care, exercise, and training.

If you train them as a puppy and ensure that they obey basic commands such as “sit” and “fetch”, it will be much easier to enjoy the time spent indoors and outdoors.

In conclusion, we must spend time with our dogs and stimulate the brain with physical and mental games to keep them active, in shape, and happy. Additionally, we must not forget always to use an effective and humane method – rewarding and loving our pets. In the end, we want the training process to be a positive experience for our canine life companions.

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