Polite leash walkingIt is very important to train your dog in many different environments with various distractions in order to have a dog who walks politely on a leash. Remember that being on a leash is not a natural thing for your dog, and it is a constant competition choosing you over different distractions. Sure, your dog learned to be relaxed in the neighbourhood that they visit daily, but how exciting it is to be in a new place with all those different smells and views! Read our tips for polite leash walking.

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To have a reliable response and practise polite leash walking, you can use this checklist and do the same exercises that you did in the previous lessons in order to have your dog walking next to you all the time.

Ideas for different environments

  • Walking towards dog park, vet clinic, groomer, daycare, school ground, water source, etc.
  • Walking next to a busy road, skate park, joggers, etc.

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