Hold leashSome dogs might be stronger than you, especially when they suddenly lunge forward when they get excited. It is important that you hold the leash correctly so it doesn’t slip or hurt you. Wrapping the leash around your wrist can be dangerous as if your dog moves quickly forward it will squeeze your wrist and can even break it.

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The most secure way to hold the leash is to:

  1. Hold a handle over your fingers and make a fist, locking it.
  2. Place the leash between your pointer and middle fingers and make a fist.
  3. Take the leash around your thumb, run it over your pointer finger and make a fist.

You can make several loops from the leash if it is too long and lock the loop in your fist.

When walking your dog, have your hand next to your body, you can put it in the pocket so it doesn’t extend when the dog is pulling on a leash. If you allow the hand to extend to the direction the dog is pulling you, it will act as an extension.

When you deliver a treat to your dog, do it next to your knee, so the dog learns to come back towards you and re-establish the contact.

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