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Certified dog trainer
Philip C. Webb

Arlington Heights, IL

Phil's Pup Camp offers obedience training, puppy classes, behavior issue resolution, problem-solving, refresher classes, and therapy dog classes.

Certifications: Training Equipment: flat collar or body harness and 6-foot leash. Other equipment used by mutual agreement with the owner based on humane and scientific methods.

Training Philosophy: Positive reinforcement, marker training.

Locations Served: Chicagoland Northwest Suburbs, centered in the Arlington Heights area.

Mission: The goal is to help clients develop an outstanding relationship with their dogs, fostering unconditional love, respect, and companionship. Phil's Pup Camp combines fun, excitement, respect, and boundaries, packed into a system of consistent rewards and growth. The aim is to share 40 years of passion for dog training with clients. Phil's Pup Camp believes in outstanding service, support, and owner satisfaction with results.

Phil Webb, born in Boston and currently residing in Arlington Heights, IL, has raised and trained animals throughout his life. He currently lives with two deaf Great Danes, Caly and Blue, and is a member of Therapy Dogs Inc., volunteering at Northwest Community Hospital. His history includes thousands of hours of dog training, 500 hours in Animal Assisted Therapy in hospital environments, and countless hours of behavior training and pro-bono work. Phil has volunteered, apprenticed, and consulted with dog rescues and the best Chicagoland trainers. He works with Caly at schools, daycare, and visits children with learning disabilities.

Methods: Phil's Pup Camp dog training uses a natural blend of positive reinforcement and ignoring bad behavior while looking for creative alternatives. The training teaches consistency, enthusiasm, and patience for reliable results and fluency. Phil's Pup Camp involves the owner and family as much as possible. The training uses humane scientifically proven methods, including pack/instinct mentality, positive reinforcement, luring, shaping, marker training, fluency, and corrections based on personality and necessity without intimidation.

We've got the answers for your questions

Who are the dog trainers listed on this page?

We showcase a diverse group of accomplished dog trainers specializing in positive reinforcement techniques. You'll find brief profiles of each trainer, highlighting their experience and expertise.

How can I select the right trainer for my dog?

Start by evaluating your dog's needs and identifying your training objectives. Each trainer's profile provides insights into their areas of expertise. Match these with your dog's character and your goals to find the ideal fit.

How do I ensure these trainers are competent?

All trainers listed here are certified professionals with extensive knowledge of positive reinforcement techniques.

Why is positive reinforcement emphasized, and what is it?

Positive reinforcement centers on rewarding preferred behaviors, ensuring a pleasant learning journey for your dog. This approach not only is humane but also strengthens the bond between you and your pet.

Are these trainers equipped to address specific behavioral problems?

Yes, they are. Our trainers are adept in basic obedience or intricate behavioral challenges. Browse their profiles to identify a trainer who specializes in the particular issues you wish to address.

How do I initiate a training program with a trainer?

Simply click on the preferred trainer's profile to access their contact details. From there, you can get in touch to discuss your requirements and set up training appointments.

How do group sessions differ from private ones?

Group sessions offer a communal setting where your dog learns general obedience alongside other dogs. In contrast, private sessions grant focused attention, making them perfect for targeted behavior modifications or individualized training agendas.

Which training techniques do these trainers abstain from?

All our trainers are committed to positive reinforcement techniques and steer clear of any harsh or punitive methods. Their primary goal is to make training a joyous journey for you and your dog.

When can I expect to see results using positive reinforcement training?

Results depend on factors like your dog's nature, the specific behaviors in question, and your training consistency. While many clients observe improvements in just a few sessions, it's crucial to be patient and persistent.

Can I attend a training session to observe before committing?

Reach out to the trainer you're interested in to discuss possibly attending a session. It's a great way to get a feel for their approach and see if it aligns with your expectations.

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