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Use our built-in clicker to reduce the training time by 40%!

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Invite your family to keep track of potty training, daily progress and healthcare events.

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Tee Lavelle

I am thoroughly enjoying this app as I have been struggling with the correct methods in training my dog. This gives me confidence that we find a successful program that will show positive results.

Merlyn Navarro Sánchez

Amazing, this App helped us teach our dog how to sit, respond when he hears his name, lay down, walk with a leash, walk without a leash but next to us. It’s great!

Jordan Thompson

Pretty decent app if you’re unsure where to start, the social aspect and challenges are good as well, so far very impressed.

Hyper Dragon

This app is brilliant. I have a Shi zu and he’s very hard to train since he cant hear well and gets easily distracted. This app helped him and now he can perform all kinds of amazing tricks.

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