Big day! You finally have got to own a puppy and your head is full of the ideas on how to train him/her to do all kinds of tricks. Starting from potty training, and going for more impressing tricks, looks like not so difficult to reach. However, it is not that easy as it looks from the first sight – it requires tons of patience, time and determination. Here are TOP 5 mistakes, that every dog owner makes when teaching his puppy. But don’t worry – DOGO, the dog training app, creators give bits of advice on how to easily avoid these mistakes and have the best well-behaving dog in the neighbourhood.

1. Do not punish your dog!

Educating your dog with physical power or dominance is not the right way – dominance-based training is seen as ineffective and possibly dangerous for your dog! Especially in the hands of an unskilled nonprofessional. Not just that – it can cause your dog’s behaviour problems in the future. So how should you motivate your dog and teach new tricks? Two words – positive reinforcement! How does it work? Whenever, your dog behaves well or performs what he/she is asked for, reward with your attention, treats or toys. After some time your dog is more likely to repeat the behaviour. When your dog misbehaves, e.g. barks, jumps up, either withdraw a reward (your attention) or try to redirect your dog to another activity, so he/she stops the unwanted behaviour. DOGO app training is based on positive reinforcement, so you and your dog will build a strong bond through reward and encouragement.

2. Leaving your dog to play in your garden only

You want to have a dog, who is well-balanced, self-confident and friendly to other people, kids and pets? You need to socialize him/her! Early experiences and introduction to different stimulations can prepare your dog for future encounters in life. Most owners are getting their puppy between 8-14 weeks, while their dog has only got to know its breeder and littermates. So it is your job to introduce the world to your puppy and vice versa. Take your pup out with you everywhere you go and expose it to the sights and sounds of real life!

3. Starting instantly with obedience

The key element of building a good relationship with your dog is playing. Don’t immediately start with obedience training! First, get to know each other, have a lot of fun and when the time is right learning will be a lot easier. Playing is important for physical and mental development. Through play, puppies learn coordination, self-defence, bite inhibition and their limits. Play is a way to drench that excess energy of your pup. Challenging the dog physically and mentally will leave him/her calmer and less destructive. Keep in mind that puppies do not know initially how to play with humans. They are used to games with other dogs – mouthing, biting, rolling around. You should not tolerate your dog biting your hands or feet, instead, offer a toy. If the play gets rough and out of hand, just say stop and leave the play area. Where to start with your new pup? DOGO app will generate daily training that will be tailored to your dog’s progress. So just create a profile for your dog and get started!

4. Not agreeing on rules

One of the most necessary things in a dog’s life – is clear expectations and rules that he/she has to follow. Everyone in your family needs to agree to how the dog should behave and keep up to the agreement. A clear set of rules will make it easier for your pup to understand – if he/she is allowed on a sofa, where is the resting space, can he/she bring a chew toy on the carpet, etc. If you struggle to teach your dog the rules or your dog is not listening, do not hesitate to contact DOGO specialist through a helpline. They will try their best to provide you with a detailed answer, how to overcome the problem.

5. Giving up quickly

Please keep in mind, that dog training will take time. Sometimes it might seem that breaking old bad habits or teaching new tricks can take really long, so owners often regress or forget the training totally. To have a good behaving dog takes time, repetition and consistency. Your training sessions should be not too long, a few sessions of 10 – 15 minutes. Always start and finish on a good note and before your dog gets bored. Make sure that you train your dog regularly– you need to practice with your dog lifelong! DOGO app offers daily reminders, so you do not miss the training. First, it is a good mental stimulation for your dog that also delays ageing and development of dementia for your dog. Second of all, it is quality time spent with your dog. Constant training strengthens your bond and you will understand each other better. Dogo app offers over 40+ fun commands with step-by-step instructions, fun illustrations, and an in-built clicker. Track your dog’s progress and see the improvements every day!

New puppy at home can be really challenging. In this stage guidance from professionals is crucial, that can shape your dog’s behaviour for the rest of his/her life. However not every new dog owner has time or opportunities to have a professional trainer or regularly go to a dog school. In this case – DOGO app is the best choice! The App offers daily training, that is adapted according to your feedback. To level up, you will need to submit video exams that will be reviewed by dog specialists and you will receive personal tips on how to improve! Before each exercise, you will be provided with descriptions and illustrations how to perform the trick. The App has a built-in Clicker, easy instructions, daily training, helpline and adds new content constantly. So, go train your dog NOW!