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Treating Reactivity – Desensitisation and Counter Conditioning

By |July 14th, 2019|

This blog will touch on the basic concept of Desensitisation and Counter Conditioning, If you think your dog needs a more advance plan or you need help with a plan please contact our Dogo Trainers. What is Desensitisation and [...]

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Dog training app start screen on mobile phone

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I HIGHLY recommend this app to any new dog owners or trainers. I have a standard poodle. He’s insane. This app was the actual ONLY thing that could get his attention. I had the reminder set a 4:00pm every day. After a few weeks, at 3:55pm he would come and find me. He got so excited to train. Not only did this app help train him, but it also helps us build our relationship. Now all of my friends with puppies use it. It’s actually super fun and incredibly rewarding. I highly recommend.

iOS UseriOS User

My puppy has learned a LOT from Dogo and I highly recommend this dog training app. You can not only train your dog but do fun challenges with this app, amazing!!!

Android UserAndroid User, Arte Furry

I love this app.This is the only one I spent actual money upgrading. The feedback from a real trainer and the ability to level up is wonderful, and the structure is what I needed to keep me on schedule and on track with his training.

iOS useriOS user, Lschex

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